3 Ways to Encourage Girls to Follow Their Dreams

November 14, 2012

November 14 is International Girls Day! The message is “She Can Do Anything!,” and the celebration recognizes the spirit of girls and encourages them to make their dreams a reality. The purpose of International Girls Day is to empower girls to think big, embrace their unique talents, love themselves and accept one another.

To show the young lady in your life that you believe she can do anything, here are a few ways you can encourage your daughter, niece, cousin, mentee, etc. while she’s pursuing her dreams and goals:

  1. Encourage her to have her own interests and dreams. All of us have something we’re passionate about, something that makes us excited. So, take some time to listen and find out what sparks her interest. For example, if she loves drawing and art, sign her up for art classes. Nurture her creativity and help her feel the joy of her enthusiasm. Find a way to cultivate her passion.
  2. Be realistic, not pessimistic. Of course, many girls dream of careers we see as impractical such as becoming an actress or musician. As children, their vision of what’s possible isn’t limited by our world or the difficulties involved in reaching those dreams. Here are a couple of reasons you shouldn’t limit them either: 1) Passion is an amazing energy that can surmount many obstacles. Many people have succeeded at goals that others said were unrealistic — they continued moving forward because they loved doing it; and 2) Your desire to give her a dose of reality can cause your daughter/niece/mentee/etc. to lose faith in herself. Society will supply enough negativity — you don’t have to bring her down, too. Believe in her, praise her, and develop her self-confidence. When girls believe in themselves, they’ll be inspired to try something new. Yes, it’s okay to let her know hard work is ahead, but have faith she can achieve her dreams!
  3. Teach her to set goals. Having a dream is awesome; however, you won’t be able to reach it until you establish some goals to get there. Since goal setting isn’t a natural skill, you’ll need to show her the process. Speak with your daughter/niece/mentee/etc. about her dream in detail, then chunk it down into smaller goals with deadlines. Assist her in creating small, attainable goals that are both fun and have particular measures. You also want to teach her to keep a positive attitude by encouraging her to enjoy the progress she making along the way and celebrating every goal accomplished. Additionally, you’ll need to teach her to deal with the rough times she’ll encounter.

What are some ways you encourage the girls in your life to follow their dreams?

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