How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur, According to Yandy Smith

February 15, 2012

Recently on, Love and Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith, who is also a music industry manager, shared a few tips with budding business owners on how to avoid the mistakes she made as a new entrepreneur. Here are a few:

Dream Big. You must dream big to achieve the type of success you want. Each success story begins with big dreams. So, you need to have a clear and concise vision of what you want and where you want your idea to go. Her tips:
Actively visualize your success so it actually begins to become reality. Speak your success into existence!
Be the person now that you imagine yourself to be when your goal is realized. “Dress the part now, speak the language now, talk about the places your business will allow you to travel to, research them, tell your friends and family what’s going to happen.” The more you speak about, the more you’ll believe it can happen, and you’ll be more apt to make those things happen for you.

Be a leader. According to leadership coach John C. Maxwell, leadership is one area many entrepreneurs tend to overlook. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.” However, becoming a great leader is not simple; you have to successfully maneuver a team through ups, downs and the big challenges a budding business faces.

Motivation rises and falls on successes and setbacks. Staying motivated in the midst of business challenges is an ability that’s necessary in order to “sail through the storms. Tough times do not last, but tough people do. Stay motivated at the highest level.”

For more business tips from Yandy, check out our source, Yandy Smith on How to be (or Not to be) a Successful Entrepreneur.

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    Great points. Thank you. I truly believe that effective time management skills are imperative if you want to be successful no matter what business you are in. The reason that effective and smart time management is so imperative in the work world is because of the fact that time is money and if you loose time you loose money.

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