Ways to Stay Positive and Enjoy the Holiday Season

December 6, 2011

While many people are excited about the holiday season being in full swing, you may not feel as cheerful as your loved ones. And if you are experiencing money or personal issues, that can dampen your spirits even more.

For some, the holidays end up being a time of unhappiness and stress-filled days. This time of year can be quite depressing if you don’t live close to family or don’t have someone to celebrate with. And that’s when the signs of chronic depression, anxiety and other negative feelings can pop up.

However, there are ways to be positive and even enjoy the holidays! Check out six helpful ways to deal with depression this time of year:

  1. Don’t band-aid the issue. Don’t allow negative emotions to drive unhealthy behaviors like excessive drinking and endless (and mindless) shopping sprees. Instead, stay away from any extreme habits that will cause you more financial, mental or physical stress in the future. If you’re dealing with difficult situations, take breaks, even if it’s only to clear your head and give yourself some space from stressful circumstances, people or environments.
  2. Ask for support. If close relatives and friends have no clue what you’re dealing with, and you don’t want to let them know, search outside of them for help. Look for the help of a professional counselor or therapist; that way, you can discuss what you’re feeling. He or she can help you determine what may have prompted your case of the “holiday blues,” and provide you a new view point on the situations that are making you feel down.
  3. Plan beforehand. Do you feel overwhelmed because you didn’t prepare ahead of time or suddenly have too much on your plate? That can cause stress and lead to depression. If you’re feeling “on edge” or worried because you have so much to do, begin prioritizing and planning so you can handle only the most important tasks. Taking some time to plan can make it easier to deal with the chaotic days and may even help prevent depression.

For three more tips, check out our source, Coping with Depression When Money or Personal Problems Arise During The Holidays.

What are your tips for staying positive and enjoying the holidays?

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